Plant Design, System Planning and Construction

Gishine Welltech Corp is committed to the development of medical waste recycling (M.W.R) of plastics. Our specialized knowledge and experience provides us a strong foundation to the plant design, workflow resources design, system planning and plant construction.


The company has made more ISO14001 environmental management certification and ISO9001 quality management certification in 2011, and everyone on earth efforts to create a more comfortable and healthy environment.

Recycle Achievement


Carbon Reduction


Energy Saving


Circular Economy

Service Objects

Gshine Welltech Corp. has a treatment, reuse and recycle nuclear inspection agency multiple identities, to follow the industry do not perform different services.


About us

Gshine Welltech Corp. was founded in 2005 that is the World’s first infection medical waste recycling (M.W.R) plant that recycles plastics through their patented by self-developed processes. It is also a hazardous waste treatment plant and recycling factory in Taiwan. Using the concept of renewable resources and innovative technology, we convert valuable waste resources into renewable raw materials or recycled products. Such as the green plastic and the silver from the waste liquid.


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